Logging in Android

I am sure that each developer out there have heard the phrase ‘Check the logs’ at least once during his or here career! And checking the logs have saved my ass several times this month. But what exactly a log message is and what are the advantages and disadvantages of logging? Let’s try to find out!Read More »

Android tricks – Runtime permissions and the ‘Never ask again’ option

With Android 6.0 (API 23) users are able to grant app permissions during run time. That new feature made our developer lives a bit more difficult, but gave huge powers to our users. And do you remember that little check box which says ‘Never ask me again’?

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Rooting Android

Source: www.ijailbreak.com

The Android OS is famous with it’s many customization capabilities. This gives us the opportunity to experiment as much as we want. We can change the look and feel of the OS, or we can dive deeper and tinker with things like GPU, CPU and other scary abbreviations. But before getting our hands dirty, we need to do something else. We need to root our phone first.

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Parcelable vs Serializable

Often, when we develop applications, we have to transfer data from one Activity to another. Of course, we can not do that directly. The data we want to transfer must be included into a corresponding Intent object. And if we want to move a complex POJO (e.x. Person, Car, Employee, etc.) we also need to perform some additional actions to make that object suitable for a transfer. To do that, our object must be either Serializable or Parcelable.

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How to use App Links Assistant in Android Studio 2.3

With each and every new version of Android, more and more features are included into the OS. The apps become more flexible and user-friendly. Both users and developers can experiment and try new features and configurations. Of course, these boundaries can not be pushed without improving the actual tools used for developing the applications. Thus, our beloved Android Studio is evolving as well! Many bugs were fixed and new features were introduced with version 2.3 of Android Studio. One of these new features is the so called App Links Assistant.

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App Shortcuts in details

Not long ago, the iOS users were introduced to a new feature called 3D Touch. What this feature does is to provide a limited list of actions that you can do without entering an app. Of course, the folks from Google were ready to respond to that. Thus, the App Shortcuts feature was included in Android 7.1.1

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DirectBoot in details

Android 7.0 (Nougat) brought plenty of new features to both average users and developers. Alongside features like Multi-window view, Notification Direct Reply and File-based Encryption something called Direct Boot was included as well. Although, it doesn’t sound like a game changer, it still can have a huge impact on the user satisfaction. Using this new feature with creativity and responsibility can result in better applications. But what exactly is the idea behind Direct Boot? Let’s try to find out!

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Android tricks – How to compare two drawables?

Drawables are widely used throughout the developing process of Android applications. Because of one reason, or another we can be interested in comparing two drawable objects. At first, that sounds like an easy task, but actually it can be a bit tricky.

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Android tricks – How to determine the current state of your SearchView?

The SearchView provides a way for the user to enter a search query and submit it to a search provider. It’s a widely used UI pattern in the Android system. Though, a simple task like figuring out if the search box is currently visible can be a bit tricky.

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