5 Key Advantages of Using an Android App Developer to Create Your Mobile App

It’s been a while since the last post about our beloved Android OS. And thanks to Mike Kelley we will look at some of the advantages of developing apps for Android!

When a company decides to have a mobile app developed for its product or service, the first crucial choice that will be made is whether to build that app on the Android or iOS platform. Obviously, if you have enough funding and a talented team of developers, creating an app on both platforms is the optimal path to take. But startups and small businesses don’t always have the means to create an app for both platforms right off the bat.

While there are definitely perks that come with building an app on iOS, there are some benefits that come with prioritizing Android mobile app development. This is especially true for companies that are operating on a tight budget, need more creative control over their app, or simply want to reach a wider audience.

Need more convincing? Well, here are five reasons why employing or becoming an Android app developer is advantageous to finding your place in the growing mobile application market.

Largest Market Share

If you live in North America or Europe, your daily smartphone sightings may have led you to believe that Android and iOS are neck-and-neck in the mobile app market. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

As of 2017, 66.7 percent of all mobile users have devices that utilize the Android operating system, while iOS makes up 31.4 percent of the market. Therefore, Android app developers instantly gain access to a wider global market, reaching beyond North America and Europe into continents like Asia, Africa and Australia.

Open-Source Platform Breeds Ingenuity

Since the Android OS is completely open-source, Android app developers are granted more freedom to customize and enhance the app experience for users. The free software development kit (SDK) tools that Android provides allow developers to easily fix, improve and constantly update their app.

The Android platform is based on the Linux kernel, and this source code is available under the Apache license, making it free to use and modify. Not only does this open up the possibility to develop more complex features and optimize performance, it also makes the app development process more affordable and easier to utilize.

Easier Adoption for Developers

Android app development also appeals to developers with a background in software programming, as the platform is primarily built in Java. This programming language is the most popular in the field of software development, making it easier and faster for developers to adopt their programming experience for mobile app development. As an open-source platform, Android also provides support for other programing languages and tools, offering countless tools for Android app developers to build their projects with.

Image source www.storyblocks.com

Expansive and Affordable App Development

The open-source nature of Android also makes it possible to develop mobile apps at a lower cost. The Android platform provides a plethora of free software development kit (SDK) tools, enabling mobile app developers to shift cost expenditure toward app testing and deployment. By keeping costs low in the development process, you can achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) and ultimately have a more profitable app.

Cheaper to Deploy onto the Market

Compared to the Apple App Store, Android app marketplaces like the Google Play Store offer fewer restrictions and cheaper integration. For instance, iOS app developers are required to pay an annual fee of $99 to host their app on the Apple Store, while the Google Play Store just takes a one-time payment of $25.

In addition to affordability, Android app developers can deploy their product to a wider audience of mobile users. While Apple uses a proprietary system that is only accessible to users with an iOS device, there are hundreds of mobile devices that support Android OS. In turn, the ability to gain access to more devices and marketplaces generates more valuable user feedback, helping you keep your app up-to-date and in prime condition.


As you can see, building an app on the Android platform presents more creative opportunities at a lower overall cost. From development to deployment, Android makes it easier to build the app you need, exactly the way you envisioned it. On top of that, your product will be available to the largest user base on the mobile app market, letting you reach out to a wider range of devices and mobile app marketplaces.

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