Android tricks – How to compare two drawables?

Drawables are widely used throughout the developing process of Android applications. Because of one reason, or another we can be interested in comparing two drawable objects. At first, that sounds like an easy task, but actually it can be a bit tricky.

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Android tricks – How to determine the current state of your SearchView?

The SearchView┬áprovides a way for the user to enter a search query and submit it to a search provider. It’s a widely used UI pattern in the Android system. Though, a simple task like figuring out if the search box is currently visible can be a bit tricky.

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RecyclerView & ListView basic comparison

Do you remember the good old ListView? Back then it was the only option for showing items in scrolling lists. Then, at some point, a new player entered the field – the RecyclerView. For some period of time I was definitely confused about which one should I use. But day by day the RecyclerView took the whole stage and there was almost nothing left for the old ListView. Nowadays, if you need a listing functionality, the RecyclerView is the place to go. But what was the reason behind the success of the RecyclerView? Let’s try to find out!

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Android tricks – Is there a way to customize the permissions dialog?

With Android 6.0 Marshmallow a really important feature was introduced to the Android users. Yes! I’m talking about the run-time permissions. The “all or nothing” approach related to the app’s permissions was wiped out. If running on Marshmallow or a later version, the users can enable and disable permissions whenever they want. And that’s how the nightmare for all of us, the developers, began!Read More »