Android tricks – How to add strikethrough text in TextView

The strikethrough effect can be really useful in many situations. You can use it when you want to show a discount price, when you want to mark a wrong word or in many other situations. We all know that feature from software products like Word, Evernote, Sublime, etc. But how can we do the same thing with our simple TextView?

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Android tricks – Determine current screen density

Do you know the thing I hate the most about Android? It’s screen fragmentation! On the one hand, having a huge variety of screen sizes is great for the end users. But it’s a complete nightmare for developers! Thus, it’s really hard to create a good looking UI without any problems. There will always be a device with some wired screen size on which your layout will look bad!

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DiffUtil in details

The chances of developing a medium to large size Android application without using RecyclerView are relatively low. The scrollable list, as UI and UX pattern, is really powerful. It gives us the possibility to group similar items or entities into lists. They are easy to grab and to understand.

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Intent vs PendingIntent

2016 is officially over and here we are at the beginning of 2017! So let’s start the year with some wisdom!

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between Intent and PendingIntent? Well, although they sound similar, there is a difference between them. As you can see, the documentation about these two entities is extensive and provides lots of information. But we will try to summarize it in a shorter version.

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Android tricks – How to make the text of a RadioButton appear on it’s left side?

Let’s start 2017 with a quick and useful ‘How to’ article!

Have you ever tried to make the text of a RadioButton¬†appear on it’s left side? It’s tricky! You can check to source code down below:

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